TCCE Workshop Day

Saturday was my play day at The Creative Connection Event. I knew my brain would be full from 2 days of panel discussions, so I took two crafting workshops to prevent information overload.

The first was a button-tufted family tree project by Big Picture Classes. How cool is this frame made of rulers?

I would never have come up with a project like this. We got lots of goodies in our kit.

Then we painted and tufted.

Wendy Smedley and Stacy Julian were lovely hostesses and I am curious to explore their big picture classes.

I finished the project at home.

The photos will end up in an accordion album and then I’ll print smaller ones for the frame like the sample has.

My next class was Wrangled Bangles by Brenda Schweder. We had a blast shaping and hammering 16 and 18 gauge wire. While I dabble in jewelry here and there, my experiments have been more delicate than the industrial ingredients Brenda recommends.

Her tools come primarily from the hardware store, which means the investment isn’t as high as a “professional” jewelers toolkit would be.

The hammering got a bit noisy and we did have to wash our hands afterwards.

I am happy with the results. My favorite was the cage wrapping technique.

It motivates me to finally work on some Creative Bloom projects. I met Jennifer Swift at this event last year and we enjoyed catching up again this year.

More insights from the panel day to follow!

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