TCCE Handmade Market

“You are in the right place at the right time.”
~ Jo Packham

During breaks from the panel discussions and workshops we were treated to a handmade market in the hotel. I was excited to see Princess Lasertron’s wares in real life after loving all her gorgeous pictures of bouquets, pins and dresses. Her associates were lovely young ladies who have bright futures ahead of them.

I met Celina Mancurti at the keynote dinner and admired her handiwork the next day. Beautiful table runners fit for a dinner party.

My encaustic radar honed in on Stephanie Rubiano’s art. She just started with encaustics four months ago and is creating beautiful waxed collages.

“There is room for all of us. No matter what you are creating,
if you bring a unique voice to it then there is room”
~ Kelly Rae Roberts (VIP Breakfast)

I picked up some goodies from Mermaid’s Dowry.

Curly Girl Design always inspires.

“You don’t have to start a business to be a working artist.
I happen to really like business.”
~Leigh Standley (VIP Breakfast)

The booths were just as beautiful as the photos in Stampington’s magazines, where most of these artists are featured.

The food was presented beautifully each day as well.

I love that The Creative Connection Event is such a wonderful blend of inspiration, crafting time and business discussion. I didn’t take advantage (read: chickened out) of the Etsy roundtables or the pitch slams, but I know numerous business opportunities were generated by those for others braver than me. I enjoyed reconnecting with last year’s attendees and making new friends.

“Every time you are inspired,
you reinvent yourself.”

~Susan Branch (VIP Breakfast)

At the VIP breakfast Kelly Rae Roberts felt that our gathering was “sacred” and I agree that magic happened during this weekend. We all need to find our community to refuel our imagination and dedication to our craft and life.

“There really is beauty in difference.
The difference in you is your superpower.”
~Karen Walrond (VIP Breakfast)

I am thankful that this energy continues in cyberspace through e-mail, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

How do you cultivate your creative community?

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