The biggest mall I have ever seen

This weekend I attended the second Creative Connection Event in St. Paul. It brought flashbacks of last year and reminded me of all the changes that have occurred since then. From the terrifying roller coaster flight last year to now things have changed so much.

I do feel a lot more serene now. Even if I am not sure how the rest of my life will pan out, I am learning to spend less time worrying about it and instead focusing on enjoying each day.

Ha, I’d love to apply the second definition to myself!

However, I will feel honored at Dick Blick Evanston’s 3rd Annual 12×12 Community Art Show opening reception tomorrow. My piece was accepted and will hang until October 30. 🙂

I have a lot of thoughts to process with 70+ pages of notes to sift through, and am clearing my studio so I can finish the project we started in St. Paul.

For now let’s share the fun stuff. The day I arrived was a lovely transition from a rainy day to sunshine in St. Paul. Here is the Riverfront across from the hotel and the beautiful sky.

This flyer intrigued me but I didn’t have time to explore the distance to that museum.

I did join Twitter after much prompting during the panels. You can follow me @MaikesMarvels.

On Sunday I took the afternoon to explore the Mall of America. I’ve been intrigued by this since reading about it in 1996. It really has rollercoasters inside the mall!

Scrapfest was going on so I was surrounded by more craftiness.

A really cool contest.

Tim Holtz made an appearance here too.

The Lego store had amazing displays.

The kids downstairs almost look like Lego dolls.

HUUGE with so much detail!

And small movie reenactments.

How amazing are these ‘paintings’?

I have to admit that a whole afternoon at the mall (without shopping funds) was a bit much for me, and I was glad to head to the airport.
Here is Susan Branch’s take on The Creative Connection Event (part 1, keep reading her following posts). Stay tuned for my report of the numerous panels.

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