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sassy goddesses from 400 B.C.

“I prefer the title Goddess. Queens have realms that are entirely too limited.” ~Demeter in P.C. Cast’s Goddess of Spring I submitted my love-themed collage to Dick Blick, which had me perusing my photos from Greece, where I photographed the Goddess of Love a few times. This one, Sassy Aphrodite, will go up on the […]

Dinosaurs at the Field Museum

ceratops at the Field Museum

Last week I returned to the Field Museum for another wing exploration. This time Evolving Planet  was on the schedule (a permanent exhibit, so come on up and see it for yourself with your kiddos). I also viewed a fabulous 3-D movie (T-Rex) about Sue, the most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex found to date, discovered […]

Revisiting the Art Institute-Part I

Oops, I got a bit photo-happy on this entry so prepare to scroll! 🙂 Sometimes you can pass a place without realizing how wonderful it truly is. Maybe it was walking through a long stuffy hallway of old armor upon entering the museum, or the lack of an actual strategy when I visited it before, […]

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