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The Samaria Gorge, a new hiking benchmark

When I returned from Greece in May 2011 I thought I would faithfully recount a travelogue in chronological order right away. But that didn’t happen. I had to process the intensity of the trip, and then life happened, and here we are two years later where the Samaria Gorge is my most recent reference to […]

sassy goddesses from 400 B.C.

“I prefer the title Goddess. Queens have realms that are entirely too limited.” ~Demeter in P.C. Cast’s Goddess of Spring I submitted my love-themed collage to Dick Blick, which had me perusing my photos from Greece, where I photographed the Goddess of Love a few times. This one, Sassy Aphrodite, will go up on the […]

Mikonos memories

I went through some of my pictures for inspiration this week and picked a few from Greece for a new triptych that is listed on Etsy. Two of these photos are from the very picturesque Mikonos Town, and one is from Santorini. I touched down first in Athens and spent three days there (of which I […]


I’ve returned home and am still pondering all the impressions of Greece. The 3,000 pictures I took are a mere tip of the iceberg. So was all the research I did prior to flying off. I have more questions than answers after seeing 9 ruins, visiting 8 museums, and catching a glimpse of 8 different […]

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