sassy goddesses from 400 B.C.

“I prefer the title Goddess.
Queens have realms that are entirely too limited.”
~Demeter in P.C. Cast’s Goddess of Spring

I submitted my love-themed collage to Dick Blick, which had me perusing my photos from Greece, where I photographed the Goddess of Love a few times.

This one, Sassy Aphrodite, will go up on the store wall February 6 to March 18. The Blick staff was very kind about her and treated her with reverence. Positive feedback is always a boost when putting art out there.

Sassy Aphrodite mixed media collage by Maike's Marvels

Sassy Aphrodite by Maike’s Marvels

I ‘met’ Her Voluptuousness at the Agora in Athens. She is from the fourth century B.C.

4th BC Aphrodite, Agora, Athens

The draping and the detail in fingers and toes is exquisite.

My collage is a companion to this one, which was a bit too personal to put on display (plus I didn’t think it would come out well 4-6 feet above eye level).

Pact with self mixed media collage by Maike's Marvels

Pact with Self by Maike’s Marvels

I explored several museums in Athens, Mikonos/Delos and Santorini last May. The art work created in ancient times is astounding. I was especially struck by the confident poses some of the statues had.

Nike statuettes had wonderful flowing energy.

Nike statuette in Athens

I soon learned to recognize Aphrodite. She always seems to have a hip jutting out. I love the sassiness!

Hellenistic Aphrodites in Athens

 336 to 31 B.C. ‘realism’ statuettes at Athens’ National Archaeological Museum

Hellenistic Aphrodites in Athens

It would be lovely to know what her face(s) looked like, but without her head she does become everywoman.

“All the spiritual teachings emphasize
that the only place we will ever find God
is right here, right now,
in our unfolding present moment.”
~John Selby, Kundalini Awakening

How gorgeous and realistic is this sleeping beauty?

Sleeping Maenad, Athens

Sleeping Maenad in luxury residence, also known as
Reclining Hermaphrodite from 138-117 B.C.
Sleeping Maenad, Athens

Intricate coiffures indicated beauty in 400-100 B.C.

Sleeping Maenad, Athens

On Delos I noticed these cuties. There is so much realism and expression in these poses.

Delos statuettes of women

Statuettes in the Archaeological Museum of Delos, possibly 2nd-1st centuries B.C.

The oldest goddesses could now easily feature in a museum of contemporary art.

Cycladic Goddesses in Athens

Cycladic Goddess figurines, 2800-2300 B.C., at
National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Speaking of Sassy Goddesses, Julianna Hudgins just announced the release of her line of Goddess dies for Spellbinders.

 Julianna Hudgins' Spellbinders Jewel Goddess Dies

Jewel Goddess image pulled from Julianna Hudgins web site

I love the voluptuous shape of these beauties and very much enjoy the energy around her product release, even though I haven’t gotten into die cutting (forming material in a press or a stamping or forging machine) myself. The creations her friends made for a blog frenzy are very inspiring.

“‘Enthusiasm’ means ‘of the gods’.
When you are enthusiastic,
You are working with divine support.”
~Sonia Choquette, Your Heart’s Desire

All this product launch energy and female empowerment is very affirming to me. We are all divine goddesses (or gods) and should treat ourselves as such!

3 thoughts on “sassy goddesses from 400 B.C.

  1. Jessica says:

    How lovely, Maike! It’s always so much fun to hear about when you deliver artwork somewhere and to get this glimpse into your process made it especially delightful. So glad you shared this…

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Great article!

    I believe there is a goddesss in each of us!

    Two of my favorite statues in Chicago are at the corner of Congress and Michigan. I am not sure if they are supposed to be goddesses or not but I always thing of them as that when I pass by. In the summer ivy grows and covers their gowns. I tried to google them to find their history, but I couldn’t find anything. I do have a picture on my blog: you have to scroll down the page a little.

    Do you know anything about them? Elizabeth

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