Revisiting the Art Institute-Part I

Oops, I got a bit photo-happy on this entry so prepare to scroll! 🙂

Sometimes you can pass a place without realizing how wonderful it truly is. Maybe it was walking through a long stuffy hallway of old armor upon entering the museum, or the lack of an actual strategy when I visited it before, but I always came away feeling overwhelmed at the Art Institute of Chicago.  When I worked right next to it I missed exhibits I wanted to see because my deadlines wouldn’t allow for the excursion.

This week I wanted to make sure I saw the fiber art and narrative tapestry exhibits before their departure. My drawing teacher demonstrated how curating is an art form in itself when showing us an Evanston Art Center exhibit, so I have a deep appreciation for how museums are laid out now. The tapestries truly were a feast for the eyes (sadly my camera wasn’t allowed to experience them).

With the modern wing completed, I entered via the beautiful bridgeway I’d seen constructed through my old office window. Truly a brand-new path!

A peek at the Willis Tower.

I finally got to see Chagal’s America Windows which had eluded me in prior visits due to construction.

On my way there I was in for a surprise. Who knew that I could peruse Ancient Greek Art right in my own back yard?

I was thrilled to see samples of artifacts I’ve been reading about up close.

Female Figure, 2600/2500 B.C., early Spedos Variety

Pyxis (Container for Personal Objects), 760-735 B.C.

Kantharos (Drinking Cup) in the Shape of a Female Head, Late 6th century

Amphora (Storage Jar), 550-525 B.C.

Such artistry and inventiveness.

Pair of Griffin Protomes, Orientalizing Period, late 7th-early 6th century B.C.

Wine cup attributed to Penthesilea painter c. 470 B.C.

Lekythos (Oil Bottle), 450-440 B.C. Terracotta, white-ground technique

Tetradrachms from 485-478, 484-461 and 350 B.C.

Isn’t the detail amazing?

Greek, Attica, Funerary Stele (Grave Marker), c. 330 B.C.

I eavesdropped on two elementary school tours passing through-although they were more fascinated with Egypt than the Greeks. Next time I’ll rent the headset for some scholarly perspective on these pieces.

After passing through the Ancient area I went to my ‘anchor point’. I always have to visit the Miniature Rooms when I go to the AI.

I lingered a bit in the grand staircase to sort out what to do next. I’ll save that for my next blog entry to give your scrolly-ness a respite too. Stay tuned!


1 thoughts on “Revisiting the Art Institute-Part I

  1. Birgitt says:

    Awesome! Let’s go together on my next visit. Miniatures, too 🙂 Like going to the Rijksmuseum and also visiting the doll houses :-)))

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