Dinosaurs at the Field Museum

ceratops at the Field Museum

Last week I returned to the Field Museum for another wing exploration. This time Evolving Planet  was on the schedule (a permanent exhibit, so come on up and see it for yourself with your kiddos). I also viewed a fabulous 3-D movie (T-Rex) about Sue, the most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex found to date, discovered by a paleontologist named Sue in the 1990s.

Alongside murals from the 1910s digital animated screens and interactive displays bring the ancient world to life. Here are some snapshots from my journey back in time.

Field Museum Exhibit

I marvel that the Field is able to fit giant mammals such as whales and dinosaurs into the building. This Apatosaurus barely fits!

A 6-foot-tall Palm frond and herrings from 55-33 million years ago!

I chatted with some Ceratopsians.

Love this Archeopteryx.

I wonder if Jar Jar Binks was inspired by this this Parasaurolophus.

Entering the homonid wing, I ‘held hands’ with Lucy.

I look forward to my next Field Trip, which could involve the DNA lab, or more Nature Walking, and a special exhibit. You never know what discoveries a big museum like the Field holds!

What’s your favorite museum?

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