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Halloweenies on sale at Artem

Fall has arrived, and the neighborhood is decked out in Halloween finery. I have decided to put all my Halloween pieces on sale at Artem Pop Up Gallery. I have a few more pendants in stock, but they have all my bat stakes and witch book stakes in the store, located at 1627 Sherman Ave, […]

Halloweenies at Artem Pop Up Gallery

It is October, and that means all the Halloween decorations are coming out. I gathered up all my stakes and most of my Halloween pendants and brought them in to Artem Pop Up Gallery last week. It is fun to change my shelf a bit and have fun with my pieces. I am not the […]

Bats at the Pop Up Gallery

Halloween is coming, and last week I delivered my stakes to two boutiques. I took the opportunity to refresh my shelf at the Evanston Pop Up Gallery. I had just finished making a fall-colored infinity stake, and think it will do well here. My bats and witch books complement the remaining collection well. I also […]

Halloween in the shop!

I finally got around to loading my Halloween pendants onto Jigoshop on my web site. There is still some back-end testing to be done but hopefully my first order goes through smoothly. I also want to take some neck shots, but lighting hasn’t been good enough in my home, plus there are other things to […]

Jet Lagging

After 2 whirlwind months, coming home instantly messed with my immune system. Between my relatives’ cats, dogs and horses, I had regularly taken Benadryl, but it didn’t keep the sniffles and sneezes away. Add to that the airplane air and I was felled the weekend I came home to dreary skies. I reintegrated with a […]

Ghosts, Spiders and Witches abound

I’ve been spooking up the studio with some wax and wire Halloween pendants. I picked out purple and orange papers to embellish with rubber stamps. Then I wrangled some wire to fit the images I fired up the griddle and covered the paper in encaustic medium. Now they’re ready to be worn by new owners! […]

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