Halloweenies at Artem Pop Up Gallery

It is October, and that means all the Halloween decorations are coming out. I gathered up all my stakes and most of my Halloween pendants and brought them in to Artem Pop Up Gallery last week.

It is fun to change my shelf a bit and have fun with my pieces.

I am not the only one with Halloween vibes, and love the tiny vignettes available in the store as well.

The gallery is constantly adding new artists, and I was thrilled to see both Teranga Ceramics and Ovington Glass represented here.

You can shop bags galore. The selection here is both functional and fashionable, all hand-created.

There are adorable crochet critters perfect to snuggle up with in this chillier weather.

Kuteeji offers artful sweaters to warm up with.

Glass artist Fawn Ridge Studio moved to a more vibrant space.

Tara Riley just moved in.

As did Adagio

Seriously, every time I go in something has changed, whether a new artist or fresh inventory from the existing artists.

Displays have been spruced up as well.

The beauty of this store is that you can find functional pieces for year-round, or whimsical gifts for special occasions.

I love the collections Sarita curates into the store since its ownership change.

It was lovely to get to know some of the artists during Evanston Made too as we hung out at the Makers Market.

So come in for my Halloweenies this month, but check out the other fabulous works of art as well!

I really hope my bats and witch books fly off to new homes.

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