Jet Lagging

After 2 whirlwind months, coming home instantly messed with my immune system.


Between my relatives’ cats, dogs and horses, I had regularly taken Benadryl, but it didn’t keep the sniffles and sneezes away.


Add to that the airplane air and I was felled the weekend I came home to dreary skies.


I reintegrated with a hearty breakfast at the Lucky Platter, right at their opening time.


Then I got my go-to “Nature’s Flu Shot” ingredients and juiced and rested the bulk of the weekend.


I did the laundry right away, but still need to put away the suitcase and organize my clothes. Instead I colored a bit until my brain could process life again.


My toilet was runny too so I had to look up how to fix it and then replace a toilet flapper.


Since I had to go out to Home Depot, I also swung by Michaels.


I put my art fair displays away that I had just dumped after RAW and Girls Nite Out.


How cute is this (on sale) rainbow drawer set that allows me to color-code my scraps instead of digging through a shoebox?


The cleanup had me revisiting old project ideas and I tossed out old sheets for which I now have better paper.


Dave’s Rock Shop has an assortment of triangle beads I want to fiddle with.


I also did a visual inventory of my ornaments and made a stash of Christmas papers.


My sister got me some goodies to incorporate into my holiday ornaments.


I picked up skull napkins in Germany.


Now I am making some additions to the Halloween Collection.


Then it’s incorporating beads I picked up at Perlenspiel to my angel ideas.


I shopped that store in Wiesbaden when I was a teen, and was thrilled to have my aunt take me back there on my visit.


Contact me if you want a trick or treat pendant—my online shop will lag a bit since the rainy weather doesn’t lend itself to photoshoots.


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