The INCiTE 4 Reveal!

When I got back from Germany my mail carrier delivered my copy of INCiTE 4: Relax, Restore, Renew.


Each part talks about how art relaxes, restores, and renews from the perspective of the contributing artists.


My page is in the Relaxing section, which makes me happy.


It is exciting to see my piece reproduced in a book for all the world to see.


Fellow FUSEDChicago member Cheryl Holz is also featured, and I cannot wait to peruse all the pages for more inspiration. I actually met editor Tonia Jenny during the first Where Women Create event, when my artistic journey was just a little seedling seeking nurturing.


Being published in the context of my wire pieces spurs me on to evaluate other avenues of publication here, and I am excited to see where my art will take me.


You can order your copy of INCiTE 4: Relax, Restore, Renew here.

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