Earth-friendly Hair Coloring

When I learned that Chroma K8 Beautique does earth and human friendly hair, I decided to give my hair over to Kate Jotzat.


Kate adjusted my bleached and unbleached sections and I sat in tinfoil for a while.


I am drawn to toxic pigments in my encaustics, so I know blues are not the best thing to ingest. Chroma K8’s partnership with Green Circle Salons, which recycles plastic, foils, hair, electronics, batteries and even hair color, makes me feel better about having these pigments near my scalp.


We decided to add purple to my hair, which is a lovely hue to switch to from the blue. Kate is very invested in making sure your cut and color suit your personality, and wants to make sure the hair grows out in a way that works with your lifestyle.


I have a few pendants and bangles up at Chroma K8.


You can also peruse earrings by me and other creators at 5425 N Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.


After my pre-wedding trim, I took home some colored conditioner to touch up the hair as it fades.


Check out this gem of a space, and be sure to get your nails done at Noktivo while your hair is processing.


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