Snowglobe living

We’re back in the snow globe here in Evanston. Fortunately this arctic air won’t last as long as the polar vortex, but we still have to bundle up and watch for frostbite warnings. Of course we have to deal with this with humor.

I try to take a walk when it isn’t this frigid, but that amounts to every other day at best. The other day I counted my grocery store stroll as a ‘walk’ because it was too cold outside… In Texas mall-walkers were famous in the summer. Here it could be a thing in winter!

Things haven’t been boring. The day before a super gusty weekend was announced tree trimmers distracted my by sawing and rappelling right outside my window.

Now there is no risk of branches whipping my walls or worse, sweeping into my windows.

I’m deleting old emails from a bad import waayyy back when this laptop was purchased. Its memory is getting sluggish and I am too cheap for an upgrade, so figuring out other ways to keep this guy going means a giant file cleanup.

My friend invited me to the Galos Salt Cave with her, which helped drive out the remaining respiratory issues from my cold.

It encouraged me to use my salt inhaler at home again.

We dined out after.

Then there are the art fair applications that I missed deadlines on last year, so now I am getting an early start for submissions.

I cleaned out my old suits and blouses that I won’t fit into again, and had a lovely evening during a clothing swap.

Meanwhile, the home could use some feng shui too, so we shall see how that reading implementation goes.

I watched Chai Wolfman leave a found painting during ArtTruck.

It is good to be social again and visit with friends after such along social hiatus.

I am car comparing as I go, since my car has no A/C, but I also need to hustle up some funds to actually shop in earnest. We’ll see where I am at in June when it is needed.

Maybe I should have put it on the Vision Board that I am still trying to make sense of.


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