More new ornaments

My hands are busy busy busy this month. If you see a bit of ‘soot’ on them, I promise you I washed them!

Last week I added some bees to the mix. A Wilder Mansion visitor thought I should have bees since I work with beeswax. The bee stakes were too big for her, so this is the ornament version.

The butterflies I made for the Swarm exhibit felt drab against a tree, so I gave two of those a makeover.

I am also bringing singing frosties to the Woman’s Club of Evanston Holiday Bazaar this weekend. Not everyone is into sports, right?

I also revisited the drummer boy design that was inspired by my rock star drummer brother. I decided to listen to August Burns Red and found their YouTube playlist quite refreshing. Joy to the World cracked me up.

And then there was another parade of Angels.

The ideas just keep pouring out. This was my desk before:


and after:

But there is still more waiting to be made.

It’s a fun lineup each time.

I will also bring wire-only pieces.

The Woman’s Club of Evanston Bazaar is Friday 4-9 pm, Saturday 10 am – 5 pm and Sunday noon to 4 pm.

More upcoming events are on my exhibits page. Come on out and pick your favorite!

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