Making Bees

Last week I cleared off my studio table and started organizing the debris on there. Of course my sofa is covered with it now, but at least I have  clear work surface for the time being.

I have a variety of ideas for new creations, and last week I was nudged to create a bee for an auction item.  So I reviewed Bee Anatomy and got to work.

I set up my Now That’s a Jig! With various pegs, and my first try was a success. Soon I had created the general bee body. Next came the stripes, which are suggested by wrapping the wire around the bee.

Squeezing in the paper to dress the body is a challenge, but well worth the effort. The allowance I have to leave in order to adhere the paper properly makes for some origami trials.

Nonetheless, the trimming was worth it. Voila, Bee Stakes are in my collection now. As an encaustic artist, bee advocacy is an important topic in our circles, since we want to ensure our beeswax providers get treated well and don’t get harmed.

I am making a few more to distribute among my local ‘outlets’ and will also bring some to my upcoming pop ups at the Sauce Walk and the Art & Wine Night.

I also fiddled with the Now That’s a Jig! NTaJ! Accessory Peg Pak Mix Square peg kit.

Since I had those set up, a few stakes followed suit.

I just became a member of the JigUFacturer! Design Team which is super exciting.

During my sweep I also inventoried the Now That’s a Jig! pegs and templates I have in my possession. Then I made a wishlist for future design aides. I look forward to picking these up at the Bead & Button Show.

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