Fun at the Mother’s Day Gift Market

Mid-May was a whirlwind of pop up fairs. On May 9 I returned to the Ravenswood Covenant Church for their second annual Mother’s Day Gift Market and had a lovely time.

This time I remembered to bring my own table!

I had fun accommodating all the new stakes I had been making, and my bees got a positive response.

It was fun to watch the children make Mother’s Day cards for their moms, and some adults joined in too. I saw some beautiful cards walk away.

In the “I love you because” Photo Booth kids described why they love mom that was written on a whiteboard and then they posed with it.

It was an exercise in gratitude as I saw “You give the best hugs,” “she blows me kisses,”we go for cookies” and “I enjoy playing with you”.  The board disappeared by the time I could have a snapshot taken, but I sent this pic to mom nonetheless.

My Arbonne neighbor Heather couldn’t decide what plant stake to choose for her orchid at home, so I let her top 3 sit in her booth as she pondered.

I re-visited with makers I had met before and enjoyed meeting new creators at this event.

I admire the creativity of ceramics, jewelry, bath bombs, accessories and printed wares.

The sweetness of Amy’s dark chocolate sea salt caramels gave me the sugar boost I needed to make it to 8 pm.

We had wonderful foot traffic in spite of a rain storm and several dads picked up angels for their leading ladies. I enjoyed watching children choose with their fathers.

Soon it was time to pack up, and I was happy to have sent of my creations with families.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day. I guess I should think about Father’s Day gifts, but aside from keychains I’m not sure what to make that is guy-oriented. Although garden stakes are unisex, I suppose.

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