May Art & Wine Night

This week is all about Evanston pop-ups. Thursday evening I will be at D21 for the Evanston Sauce Walk, and Friday I head over to Creative Coworking for another fun evening of libations, treats and gorgeous art.

This month’s featured artists are Itala and James Merriner. I’ve admired Itala’s work before and look forward to learning about James’ work. They will be showcasing their work in the front room.

Then you can stroll down the artful hallway to see me in a conference room near the kitchen (where the wine is).

Snacks will also be offered in buffet style.

Art & Wine night is Friday, May 18 at 5 p.m. until 8 922 Davis Street in Evanston. Come out to see some great art, have a drink, and meet the artists!

Peruse the other floors for ongoing exhibitions by these fine Evanston and Chicagoland artistsLiz Albertson, Laura Allen-Simpson, Jerry Alt, Tracy E. Anderson, Raissa Bailey, Ann Petrus Baker, Svetlana Baklanova, David Bender, Michael Berns, Betty Butler, Wade Chandler, Melanie Deal, Laura Engel, Shalisha Erenberg, Vanessa Filley, Angela B. Garbot, Larry Geni,

Ted Glasoe, Liberis Golfinopoulos, Heather Hancock, Chris Heisinger, Bonnie Katz, Bridgette Kelling, Virginia Kondziolka, Ian Lantz, Elisa Ann Lindstrom, Patrick Linehan, Stephen Lloyd, Michelle Mallin, Nate Marks, Ross Martens, Christine McClure, Paul Minnihan, Kristen Neveu, Greg Palmer, Annette Kerstin Patko, Brian Peterson, Ron Rutkowski, Don Seeley, Barbara Seyfried, Sorcha, Rich Sparks, Eric Stefanski, Kyriakina Valavanis, Maike van Wijk, Jerry Woods, and Benita Zarling.

Maybe my brand-new bees will flutter your way!

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