fourth advent

I’ve lit the fourth Advent candle (our family tradition), and am reflecting on all the lasts I will have tomorrow. My last commute, last time in the office, the final goodbyes to colleagues. I’m pleased to report that the Flurries I created for my colleagues have been well-received.

It’s amazing how handwritten notes stand out these days in a business environment. I read a column by Ashton Kutcher in which he said something about letter-writing making one more vulnerable than a tweet or an e-mail or text message. I find the process of writing to one specific person on paper rather reflective and personal. While letters can be passed around, its distribution is more controlled than an e-mail forward or a shared Facebook status.

I look forward to more hand-writing between Christmas and New Year’s with the cards I’m preparing now. That’s the time where I review the past year, and share the highlights with my correspondence recipients. Who knows, I might share them on this blog as well.

It’s been a very lovely Advent for me, knowing I’ve already given myself the best Christmas present ever. I wish you a lovely Christmas week, with the effortless completion of any preparations for this holiday, and if you don’t celebrate it, just a restful time on these public holidays.

Safe travels if you’re visiting somewhere!

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