Merry Christmas!

…or Solstice, or reflective year-end time…

I grew up celebrating Christmas as a cultural tradition. In Germany Weihnachten was less a religious event as it was a celebration of traditions, rituals, and the gathering of family (to me at least). I like the slowing down and cozying up as a family unit to light candles, rediscover familiar stories, and celebrate life. There is something soothing about the rituals of advent, baking, and having certain meals every year.

Listening to the carols (and singing along), picking out a wreath, seeing annual performances such as the Nutcracker or Christmas Carol all provide a sense of closure to the year. A lot has been accomplished, and we can rest for a bit.

This Christmas season is quite auspicious as Solstice coincided with a lunar eclipse. I wasn’t able to see the eclipse due to an overcast sky, but enjoyed this particular quote on its astrological interpretation: “step out of time. We are free of the past, and we can consciously create the future, for ourselves, for our communities, for the earth.”

So as you peruse the goodies under the tree and the feast on the table, remember that your gift for you is the PRESENT. The past is done, and the future can be created by you. We may not have full control over all our circumstances, but our approach to these circumstances and our attitude toward change can be powerful tools in crafting the new year you want.

May your stocking be filled to the brim with joy, peace and hopefulness.

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