from thought storm to snow storm

The wind is howling around my home and rattling the windows. Snow has been falling steadily, and is expected to pile up to 6 inches tonight.

It’s been a good hibernation day (love that song by Jars of Clay). With ice on the windows, what else can you do but head for the craft room?

(Wire art by

It’s ironic that the weather is the most turbulent this particular day than it has been in the past few weeks, when my brain was filled with stormy-ness. I’ve spent three months preparing and re-evaluating and self-confirming an exhilarating yet terrifying decision.

It required assessing what is important in life, how I perceive myself, how external factors aid that self-perception, and whether I dare to truly stand on my own rather than take the easy route of ‘conventionality.’ But my life has been anything but conventional, and while I perceive myself to be risk-averse, sometimes the route of (perceived) security can be harmful to one’s health.

So after 18 years of either studying nonstop, working nonstop, or both, it is time to take a sabbatical and determine how to truly follow my bliss. Ultimately this decision has been in the works since 2008 when I first started reading Barbara Brabec’s books on a crafting business. I didn’t take the plunge then, but now know that it was because I needed more preparation.

Today I am in a better place financially, emotionally, and socially. It is time. I get to seize the moment!

So I’ve been busy preparing farewell cards to some special colleagues (a girls’ gotta market, you know?), which turned out to be a lot of people!

Writing them was my favorite part.

Next up are the family cards, which I’ll write over the Christmas holiday. I look forward to a true vacation with the family, and then we’ll see what 2011 will bring!

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