Compendium Show

My real-lifing is lagging behind in the online world. Two Fridays ago I went to the Compendium Show opening in Woodstock. It was a pleasant drive, even if a bit long, and I had fun visiting with fellow FUSEDChicago Artists. Here are some snapshots.

Compendium artists include: Dan Addington, Carrie Baxter, Helen Dannelly, VA DePintor, Linda Sorkin Eisenberg, Shelley Gilchrist, Carol Hamilton, Brad Hook, Pat Lagger, Laura LaRue, Cindy Lesperance, April Nomellini, Kathy Roman, Michele Thrane, Karen Tichy and Maike van Wijk.

You can check out the names of the artists with each piece on the Facebook Album Page. COMPENDIUM: a collection of information about a subject. The show takes place October 2, 2018 – November 11, 2018 at Old Court House Arts Center, 101 North Johnson, Woodstock, Illinois.

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