Compendium Exhibit

This month my work is on exhibit in Woodstock. The FUSEDChicago group is having a group show, along with the Illinois Clayworks Guild. I believe 40 pieces are on display, and I am excited to see what the members submitted.

COMPENDIUM: a collection of information about a subject. The show takes place October 2, 2018 РNovember 11, 2018. Opening Reception is Friday, October 13 from 6-9 pm at Old Court House Arts Center, 101 North Johnson, Woodstock, Illinois.

My car is without A/C right now, so I was grateful our board members were willing to transport art after a recent member meeting. Of course giving my work into the care of someone else made for an interesting challenge. I had never packed my wired encaustic boards before.

So I ensured all the wire was securely burned into the board’s encaustic layer, and then set about eliminating the bounce that would detach it. Then I had to make sure the unpackers would know which direction to pull in.

I thought hard about what would make the most sense…

Then I had to layer up padding wit bubble wrap and foam. Realizing my unwrappers wouldn’t know where the wire was, I made copious ‘wire here’ and ‘finger safe zone’ notes.

I heard all pieces arrived intact, so I am looking forward how they will be curated with the other pieces in the show.

The FUSEDChicago group has such a variety of skill levels and techniques and points of view. The group shows are a fabulous way to understand various ways of using encaustic and be inspired by colors and textures.

I look forward to the drive up to Woodstock and am excited to see the Clay works as well!

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