Halloween Decor

It is fun to take my daily walks right now. A lot of my neighbors are in the Halloween spirit, and have mostly fun decorations up.

Skeletons don’t know how to use swings.

This one’s a little bit better.

I took a selfie with a witch on the way to the grocery store.

These pumpkins are actually watching you…

The creepiest flamingos I’ve ever seen.

This pumpkinhead can be scary depending on the shadows the trees cast.

Followed by the grim reaper.

This spiky tree leads to a spooky intersection.

Leading straight to gates of wrath…

Not so scary is my sold Witch book Stake. I have a few more at Sacred Art and at the Pop Up Gallery.

It’s inspired me to make new skull frosties.

A Skull Angel is heading to a new home soon.

Arachnophobes, the following photo is not for you.

Happy dressing up and trick or treating!

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