Trunk Show Efficiency

The trouble with vending at art fairs is that you see cool stuff but cannot get to the other booths to make your own purchases. I had seen MyThirtyOne booths on various occasions, but couldn’t connect with the vendors until after tear-down.


However, when I toured the No Frills Fun Run Vendor Night pop-up MyThirtyOne was represented. Because the party kept going well after hours, I zoomed down to make sure I could get a card and peek at the options before everyone packed up.


I instantly fell in love with a tote that would consolidate all my random grocery bags into one. My neck stands get pretty banged up from their travels, and the lack of structure in my bags makes repacking confusing.


I got to try out my setup on the spot, and placed my order that evening.


Then I stared at my selection online for a bit.


Soon the bag and insert arrived, and the embroidered monogram makes me so happy. It feels like my first branded piece.


I used it for the Creative Coworking event right away.


Fewer trips to unload and easier reach during setup.


Time ran out during tear-down so I didn’t re-pack the bag as carefully as I would have with some time, but the beauty of the frame is that I could throw in anything without worrying too much about how it would arrive at home.


The steel stands I have didn’t damage any other items I had hastily tossed into the bag.


It also fits perfectly in my closet. Investing in efficiency may hurt the wallet for a moment, but the gained effortlessness is so gratifying that the regret makes way for joy and lightness of being.


Oh, and the No Frills Fun Run raised more than $50,000 for the Mays family. How cool is that?


1 thoughts on “Trunk Show Efficiency

  1. Lesley Myers says:

    Hi Maike!

    I am so thrilled that the utility tote and the fold a file worked so well for you!! Making life easier for my clients makes me so very happy. The embroidery you chose is perfect to represent you and your business!!

    I just loved your jewelry, it was so inspiring! I am really looking forward to gifting the two I purchased from you, I know that they will be loved. Keep up the amazing work!

    Thirty-One Independent Consultant

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