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Next week a fabulous entrepreneurial idol is coming to town and I will get some continuing education in.

Maike's Marvels meets Princess Lasertron at the Creative Connection Event

Megan Hunt is a serial entrepreneur I discovered in an issue of Where Women Create, and since then I have followed her various adventures from Princess Lasertron to Hello Holiday to AirBnB hosting and her various speaking events.

On Thursday and Friday I will listen to her and numerous other women business owners about maximizing business ventures. ThinkStartDo was founded by Stefanie Monge, an international yoga and mindfulness teacher and serial entrepreneur, to help established and aspiring female entrepreneurs from around the world to learn, collaborate and grow. ThinkStartDo is designed to promote meaningful connections and collaboration while providing tangible resources and support to entrepreneurial women.

ThinkStartDo Conference

Chicago was picked because it was recently named Best City in the World for Female Entrepreneurs (Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015). On Thursday, registrants can join a traveling happy hour in Wicker Park from 5 – 9 pm, followed by the ThinkStartDo Opening Reception sponsored by the Tech Pilot Fund. The learning begins on April 8 with 2 panel discussions, 9 speakers, meals, and a party to round out the day at Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL, 60622.

The speakers include female founders, media personalities, authors, serial entrepreneurs, consultants and innovators from Chicago and beyond. They’ll share personal stories and provide inside tips for success related to topics including: mindfulness and productivity, social media marketing, blogging, optimizing happiness, building a business that fits your lifestyle, startup strategies, attracting investors, and opportunities in tech.


But the conference doesn’t end there. To maintain momentum after the event, ThinkStartDo will offer conference-goers tangible resources stay on track to achieving goals after the event ends. Conference registration includes access to the ThinkStartDo online community, peer mentoring, accountability groups, one year of free web hosting, plus additional resources. Registration ends on April 5 and you can get a 50% attendance discount via this link. ThinkStartDo is limited to 150 participants to maintain an intimate feel and help spark collaboration.


Attending provides the following benefits:

  1. Free resources – Your registration comes with additional resources to help you succeed after the conference ends, including one year of free web hosting from ThinkStartDo Sponsor A2 Hosting.
  2. Learn from others’ experience – You’ll get the chance to connect with entrepreneurs at all stages in their journey as a business owner who can share their experience.
  3. Mingle with investors – You’ll get to meet potential investors and learn from entrepreneurs who’ve successfully raised startup funds.
  4. Be a peer mentor – You’ll have the opportunity to become a peer mentor to other women in the ThinkStartDo network.
  5. Accountability groups – You’ll have access to accountability groups full of other goal-oriented entrepreneurs to help you stay on track.
  6. The speakers are great – You’ll hear from more than a dozen self-made entrepreneurs who can share their tips for overcoming obstacles and thriving in business and life.
  7. Wicker Park is awesome – You’ll get to explore one of the most vibrant and artistic neighborhoods in Chicago – if not the entire U.S.
  8. You can expense it – Be sure to keep your receipts!
  9. You get an instant support group – You’ll become a member of an international community of female entrepreneurs and allies to help support your success.
  10. Fun parties – Along with the conference you’ll get the chance to network and socialize at two happy hour events, an opening and closing party.

Get your ThinkStartDo Conference Passes here.

(ThinkStartDo photos courtesy Stefanie Monge, and the Joy*filled journey deck card is from The Collage Cafe)

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