Commissions Galore

While I was busy completing my Hexaptych I also received a few custom jewelry orders. For a friend’s 14th wedding anniversary I was given a specific lyric and asked to add the iconic lightning bolt to the pendant referencing the Grateful Dead. Because this was a remote order, I took a photo showing the size of different shapes.


Thankfully I had picked up opal at the Bead & Button Show, because local opal options were quite expensive. I printed out the lyrics on different papers to see which would be closer to the opal in different light, and was surprised by the option that worked in the end.


I struggled with the lightning bolt, but came up with a few options.


Thinner wire worked out better for the sharper angles, and my customer got to choose.


Then we discussed via photo reference whether there should be one or two opals in the design, and that too was the easier of the two decisions.


I shipped off the creation, and it arrived in time for the anniversary.


Apparently it was well-received, and I am super excited another piece of mine is out and about in the world.


One of my collectors lost an earring, and I had completely forgotten that she owned this pair. So I set about re-creating the piece. Back then I didn’t track how long my original wire pieces were, so I eyeballed wrongly a few times.


I finally got the shape to resemble its twin, and happily delivered the re-paired set to my friend. They look so good on her.


My newsletter garnered another order, with a friend asking if she could have just the earrings of a set pictured in my March Musings. I created the pair for her with the earring hooks she preferred.

Turquoise beads

A quick trip downtown ensured she would have them in time for her sunny beach vacation.


The full set is still available, you can contact me if you’re interested or mix and match at upcoming trunk shows.

Turquoise set

Did anything on Facebook or Instagram catch your eye? Let me know your favorite pieces.

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