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Last month I had an inspiring online marketing consultation with NetworkHoncho.com that is energizing me to get my rear in gear. So I’ve been sifting through my Etsy listings to see what is at Stella and Aurora Rose Boutiques and what can be re-listed, needs uploading, or might be donated to a good cause. My […]

Art Marketing outlined for the newbie

Last month I was part of two online exhibits, which are now entering the archives of their respective sites. Let’s Get Acquainted with Ruby Meadowhawk has been shelved to this link. From the “Nature” Art Exhibition by Light Space & Time, I received a wonderful e-mail by John R. Math informing me about how to market myself. […]

A few links on social media

Recently I hosted a phone conference titled “Connection: What To Post on Social Media For Your Business.” I had overheard someone say that beyond events, they weren’t sure what to post, so I pulled some tips I had learned from various social media books. A nice explanation of social media I read in How to […]

Breakfast at Swarovski’s

“We bring sparkle to everybody’s life.” ~ Nicole Green, Swarovski store manager The Magnificent Mile often reminds me of Holly Golightly, loving the lifestyle the store windows allude to, but not quite living that truly affluent and luxurious life (from a material perspective, I have abundance in other ways). So it was fun to channel […]

Reflective reading

Welcome to November 2011, everyone! October was reflective for me because it marks the anniversary of my sabbatical decision last year. I am very happy about this year and all the explorations, surprises and growth opportunities it has brought. Interestingly, an opportunity I was looking for last year has arisen now, so it is doubly […]

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