Reflective reading

Welcome to November 2011, everyone!

October was reflective for me because it marks the anniversary of my sabbatical decision last year. I am very happy about this year and all the explorations, surprises and growth opportunities it has brought.

Interestingly, an opportunity I was looking for last year has arisen now, so it is doubly important to evaluate my goals. I also see affirmations in the path I am on now, which indicates all options are wide open to me. It seems sometimes we are particularly preoccupied with whether to move forward or retrace some steps in life.

Maike's Marvels certificate
My new business license marks quite a milestone

Meanwhile, there are a few exhibits to attend this week as I explore the local artistic market more. I’m also reading a lot about social media to get my head around an online strategy that suits me.

Maike's Marvels is contemplating a social media strategy
Sifting through social media approaches

Maria Sybilla Merian is still on my mind as well as I play with butterfly assemblages in the studio.

Chrysalis about Maria Sibylla Merian by Kim Todd
Continuing my butterfly research


Butterfly collages by Maike's Marvels, mixed media and encaustic
Dancing Wings collages by Maike’s Marvels with Holly Berry Designs

I am now taking custom orders for holiday cards and gifts. Send me a message if you are interested in ordering Christmas/New Year’s cards or want to gift a special wall vignette to someone.

support local artists sign
Loving this floating Facebook post my cousin found

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