Last month I had an inspiring online marketing consultation with that is energizing me to get my rear in gear.


So I’ve been sifting through my Etsy listings to see what is at Stella and Aurora Rose Boutiques and what can be re-listed, needs uploading, or might be donated to a good cause.


My tracker sheet is a bit overwhelming now that I have so much more inventory compared to last year (from inventory number 55 to 317!), so I am also trying to figure out a better way to code where my pieces are. Colors don’t work when your toner runs out and everything is in shades of pink instead.


Paperwork is slowly progressing as I consolidate the sales from last year among the various venues…


Meanwhile I also splurged on a springy shower curtain since my old one was tattered after 6 years of good use.


I’m excited about getting my online presence more optimized and look forward to all the opportunities this year holds.


Nothing but optimism ahead!


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