Here’s to the last hurrah of our snow fest this month.

A few weeks ago Lake Michigan was splashing chilly waves all over the place.

It made beautiful iciclescapes.

Then came a dump of 12 inches over the weekend.

Officially we got 6 on the biggest day, but it looks like more to me.

Dutchies, what do you think?

The squirrels didn’t even come out to play on their branch.

Walking in this depth is a workout!

But I couldn’t resist seeing what it looked like at the lake.

What a difference 2 weeks make.

I couldn’t get out of my parking lot before the snowplows came through, and as I explored where they were to determine the timing, I saw interesting alley scapes.

No BBQ here!

Our trees got smile bombed during the storm.

The next day I drove to the handmade market and appreciated our less messy snowplows. Later that week I witnessed a snow mountain in a Skokie parking lot.

The icicles continue to amaze!

When that snow started melting away, another inch or 2 accumulated on a cozy Friday afternoon.

I think we’re done now though. The next two days should melt the grey grossness, and then maybe Spring will come?

My critters are ready for better weather.

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