Rainbow Ornaments

This week has been a challenge for my inner Pollyanna. I am googling my rights as a permanent resident as I watch my friends proactively take action to minimize the human rights fall-out of this year’s election results.


The only thing I know to do right now is make angels and frosties of support, and a small poll with my friends was unanimous on using rainbows as a symbol. So I got my markers out to draw rainbows one morning.


Then I bent angels and frosties and cut out their outfits.


The wax was heated up to dress them in their new finery. This one almost is a superhero angel, but the cape is too fragile to keep.


When they cool off I leave them upside down.


So it is always a lovely surprise to see them all completed.


The safety pin movement will get a nod on some angels.


Getting them to stick (without glue) is a challenge, but we’ll see how it goes.


Some are fluttering to four Chicagoland boutiques today, and I am already shipping one off to Canada this week.


It’s not as comprehensive as the #ArtistsforLove art work, but I am mulling my spin on that as well. My inner Pollyanna needs a bit of time to be truly cheerful again, but unicorn socks, gathering with friends and keeping up with all my seasonal pop-ups is helping.


I find solace in Max Erhmann’s Desiderata on a regular basis. I also made some other new angels, which will be at Affair of the Arts on Sunday.


Meanwhile, Angel will be throwing a birthday party with her friends this weekend, as November 20 is her birthday.


She was part of this batch on 11/20/2015.


We had tiramisu already earlier this week.


Now it is on to commissions that need to ship out next week.


Sending out this tiny bangle to a young girl was such fun, and I am happy more people want to gift themselves and loved ones with custom creations.


Overall it’s been a good year, and in spite of current events which I genuinely have no control over, I will make my gratitude list this coming week, and continue to strive to see the good in everything that happens.


I can only do what I can with what I have where I am, and will support the people in my community as much as I can.


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