Fountain Square Art Fair

It is the season of art fairs, and fresh off the Custer fair we have Fountain Square’s Art Festival. This fair fell victim to really high winds two years ago that spooked artisans away in 2010, but this year the fair was well-populated again.

I chatted with artists I had purchased jewelry from in prior years, who were happy to see me wear it. Here is a list of attendees this year.

Sunday morning I volunteered as an entrance assistant. I stamped the hands of people who entered the fair after their donation. The kids loved the smiley face on their hand. It was fun. My shift ended as the Flat Cats started playing.

The swing dancers in town came prepared.

This glass artist further up the street also drew a crowd.

The weekend ended with an ice cream cone and stroll through the Merrick Rose Garden, which I’ll revisit later in the summer to share with you. Post-storm roses aren’t the most photogenic, although most of them held up quite well.

What is your favorite summer fair?

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