There’s a lot going on in my brain but not much to share yet. My big task is coming up with my USP-the unique selling proposition of my business. While I know I am unique and I will have something to sell (hopefully locally by the end of July; there’s a trunk show coming up that could be my “feet-wetting exercise”), I’m not sure how to “proposition” anything yet. 😉

I’m working through this video series, reading the Six-Week Startup (without counting the weeks) and the most intimidating one, Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies. There are also E-Myth Revisited exercises to re-visit.

Meanwhile, my neighborhood is popping with color.

How nice would it be to sit here for a spell?

And the Starlight concerts have kicked off.

JT & The Clouds with help from Po’ Girl were a lovely family friendly show.

Check your local community/municipal web page. Even after a decade of living here, I am still discovering loads of fun free summer events like outdoor concerts, dance sessions and movies in the park (and I am so thrilled to have the time and energy to go to them this year!). Summer fun isn’t exclusive to kids, ya know?

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