Finding Waldo on Main

With July comes a fun scavenger hunt for kids. Both Downtown Evanston and the Main-Dempster Mile have been invaded by small Waldos.

Participants can pick up passports from various business, and then hunt for Waldo in local shops.

Waldo has different names in different countries, and is a line drawn character children can search for in a book series by British illustrator Martin Handford.

I found my first Waldo at Artem Pop Up Gallery, cavorting on my shelf!

I picked up a Downtown Evanston Passport but have to go back to the other businesses for more stamps.

Main street was easier to achieve, since I live so close to the businesses here.

It was fun to enter familiar businesses and notice new things.

I didn’t know Squeezebooks had a collection of signed books.

I also finally entered Eye Boutique Kloset for the first time, which has fun fashion for ladies.

I know where to get my next party dress now.

Angel had fun visiting with each Waldo.

She also visited Claris at one location.

If you need a hint they are freely given, and in some cases he is so prominent you see him the moment you walk in.

I wanted to snuggle up with these cuties.

There is a Social Worker at the South branch of Evanston Public Library.

Booked also has Oldaw,

All these photos are from last week, so he has likely moved around the stores.

In some places he has fun company.

I hope he is a feminist.

Waldo sticks around for the month of July, and then he goes into hiding again.

Cultivate is always great to visit.

Now Waldos were poked here.

I couldn’t resist a purchase along the way.

I still had to prove I spotted Waldo at the Chicago-Main Newsstand.

He is warm in some places.

Up high in others.

And tucked away elsewhere.

You have to Follow Your Nose sometimes.

Waldo rocks!

The Sidewalk Sale next weekend is the perfect opportunity to get your passport stamped.

Speaking of passports, how cool are these Evanston Park passports? They come with stickers and are another way to be outdoors and spot special things.

Adults will have incentive to walk the mile in September for the annual wine walk.

It was also great to see EvanstonMade Art on business walls.

Thank you to all the Main-Dempster Mile and Downtown Evanston Businesses for participating!

Go get your passport!

My route was: Booked, Marie Parie Boutique, Chicago-Main Newsstand, Cultivate Urban Rainforest & Gallery, Goods of Evanston, Evanston Eye Wellness, Eye Boutique Kloset, Evanston Stitchworks, Squeezebox Books & Music, Plain and Simple Furniture, Dave’s Rock Shop, Guitar Works, Ltd, Evanston Public Library CAMS Branch, Thrift House, Junior League of Evanston North Shore, Everyday Cycles & Motion, Follow Your Nose, Ten Thousand Villages Evanston. I have more work to do!

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