Celebrating Life

Last week was quite celebratory with Pie Day kicking off the week, celebrating Irish lore on Thursday, and then opening my show on Friday.


Monday started with Pie Day, and a CRAVE event offered perfect healthy pie by Pyrite Sun.


We chatted about big dreams in growing our businesses at Creative Coworking and savored every bite of the pies.


The Myer lemon and Matzo powder hand pie was just right for angel.


I thought the grapefruit with black rice and berry was hard to beat.


But then the Rum Raisin pie proved me wrong. Cultivate’s art openings tend to be catered by Pyrite Sun, so come on by and savor the deliciousness for yourself.


On Thursday the celebrating continued with Green Prosecco at The Wine Goddess for St. Patrick’s Day.


We admired the lovely chandelier from Little Light Bazaar.


I brought a green angel along who loved all the Irish fashion.


Then we moved on to our Hip Circle Fitness Party, where more socks can be rocked.


We earn the party by attending 5 classes in a month, and this month we celebrated with the card game Pie Gow.


For St. Patrick’s Day the drink had to be green, so minty Moscow Mules were served.


It was a lovely way to unwind before gearing up for my opening night. Here’s to celebrating every day.

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