Bier und Bretzel Engelchen

So, this year I’ve made 70 pieces of Jewelry, 71 Stakes and Swarm ornaments, and, believe it or not, 231 angels, frosties, trees, and stars! No wonder my pliers were getting worn out cutting all that 16-gauge steel.

So I visited Brenda Schweder’s lovely site to reorder the ‘Buttah Cuttah,’ and since I had just received a $50 coupon from one of the Now That’s a Challenge! drawings, I could add some other pieces as well.

Since I am still in assembly line mode I won’t use these just yet, but I am excited to start playing with the hexes and work on more non-ornamenty things in my head.

Some of the newbies already fluttered away at the Sacred Art & Brewpoint pop-ups, so there is definitely something about that fresh energy.

Sometimes I get bleary-eyed and need to check which lyrics go with which mini frosty.

The past few weeks were focused on German songs for the DANK Haus Weihnachtsmarkt happening Friday and Saturday.

Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling is one of my favorites, and I decided to add some jingle bells to these.

I also went looking for some beer stein charms, since my wine angels are pretty popular. I settled on the ones Beautymefashion had in stock, since they had some other charms I wanted.

Then I drew outfits.

Putting on the stein was a bit tricky. I want the lid to still be openable so it needs to be fairly secure. On one I broke of the little charm loop, but the mug’s handle works better anyway. Then I attached the Bretzel.

My arms were tired and my friend invited me for a beer that evening, so of course she came along!

Then I figured out the clothing configuration.

I made a few more but haven’t photographed all the completed ones yet.

I hope they’re a hit at the Weihnachtsmarkt!

I still have more tree embellishments in my head, but I don’t think that will get done by Friday.

On Friday and Saturday I will also have my jewelry set up, so you can peruse the brand-new earrings that popped out of my hands the other day.

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