Weihnachtsmarkt meets Krampus

I wrapped up the Holiday Fairing this past weekend with the DANK Haus Weihnachtsmarkt. It was a lovely 2 days with fun vendors. I knew some of them already, and others became new artisans to follow.

Nomadic Ant was advertising the event a block away. They were booth neighbors.

On Friday I set up early so I could take my time decorating the trees. I am still debating whether to put up a tree for myself after all the tree-trimming I have done.

But I love my ornaments, so I might hang a few to stare at. I put my first year’s leftovers as a garland on the fireplace mantle in 2013.

Soon I was set up.

The Dank Haus had beautiful decorations.

On the sixth floor the ceiling was adorned with snowflakes.

They were preparing Glühwein.

Next to me was A Pretty Flower, with beautiful christmas centerpieces.

I love the Charlie Brown Tree, both of which sold. My angel has the verse that Linus quotes at the end of the Peanuts Christmas movie.

I introduced one Bier und Bretzel Engel to the Bundesländer my family is affiliated with.

Soon people started coming in to peruse our booths and enjoy German Gemütlichkeit.

Laura Engel offered vibrant ornaments.

Suddenly there was a clanging of bells, and Krampus marched in. He was a bit creepy, but he grew on me.

During the VIP Party Prinz Fasching and his royal court also appeared. Later Krampus struck a pose with them.

We were served Rahmschnitzel, Spätzle and Rotkohl. Although I have to admit I am biased toward my uncle’s version.

Santa also paid a visit and waved at all the vendors.

Then he hurried up the stairs to take photos with children.

I bought myself a Krampus book, and it made for a lovely night time story.

The next morning Krampus stayed away, since Samstagsschule Kinder are well-behaved. Soon school was out and we had a steady flow of customers.

I treated myself to Bratwurst und Bier for lunch, which I had been craving since I started making the Bier und Bretzel Engel.

Of course I wore my Rare Dirndl.

Children got to take photos with Santa upstairs.

It was fun to get to know the other booth vendors. I admired Sylvia’s paintings and went home with one of her Skyline hearts.

Sacred Art brought along some Everlasting Fire Studio ornaments, and the rainbow caught my eye.

I mean, these two are made for each other.

Before the fair I decided to make a few dragonflies.

Those two fluttered away quickly.

My Weihnachstliedengel were a hit, too, and a few are off to new destinations.

Mild weekends make for fewer frosty sales, but two were sent off with new owners.

We had live music, folksy renditions of Christmas carols and other fun songs.

Usually there is a lull in traffic at fairs, but here people kept coming and buying.

It was fun to watch what people are drawn to and often see them go with their first choice.

Later on I had the Spätzle for dinner.

After all the photobombing and the smiles of many people, my Bier und Bretzel Engel didn’t go anywhere–for now. I will enjoy their company at my place.

The DANK Haus is a lovely venue and offers its space for private events.

It is worth checking out the event calendar.

I will have to return to pick out a T-Shirt.

This exhibit intrigues me as well.

We were gifted Bretzel, which I took home for lunch the next day.

It was fun to wrap up my fairs here, and I hope to return to this Markt next year.

Meanwhile, I will put my feet up for a spell and reflect on the eventful month.

Before you know it, it will be time to map out 2019!


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