Artrageous Extravaganza

Lincoln Park’s Artrageous event concluded Saturday with the Main Event Extravaganza. I had a lot of fun getting to know this corridor of Chicago. Knowing parking might be an issue with various events going on that day, I opted for the L and walked the long stretch to Clark Street.

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It was quite the scenic route, with beautiful vintage buildings and the scent of lilacs.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

The Chicago Creative Social Club met at the Artrageous Test kitchen, where local chefs held demonstrations of signature dishes.

The Chopping Block’s chef Jeff Adamek prepared a wonderful risotto dish.

You can learn to cook and eat your own creation during evening classes at the Chopping Block locations.

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Then it became happy hour with Zapatista’s Guacamole and Margarita Fiesta.

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The Zapatista Margarita includes 1 fresh squeezed lime, 1 fresh squeezed lemon, 2 oz Camarena blue agave tequila (it retains more sugar), a squeeze of 100% agave nectar, 2 oz Cointreau, and ice cubes.

The tequila boost wasn’t enough, we even received a gift certificate to dine at one of their locations!

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

Zapatista’s Guacamole is just a blend of onions, peppers and one half squeezed lime mottled together, with one whole avocado and tomato mottled in after.

I took a quick walk with one Meetup friend and we were introduced to the Chicago Mosaic School, which was working on a Mosaic of the Clark Street logo.

I then returned for the Tuna Poke demonstration by Chef Jeremy Kiens of Dunlays on Clark. This will be an appetizer coming to the restaurant menu next week.

He recommended Safe Harbor as a resource for purchasing fish, and gave us tips on how to select a piece at the supermarket (have the vendor turn it over to make sure the flavor hasn’t been absorbed by ice—if it is white on the bottom, you don’t want to purchase the fish).

We made our way over to Elizabeth Grace, where Florentina Petcov was working on a bas relief of John F. Kennedy. It will be part of a bigger piece.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

Inside this lovely stationery and gift store (it started with wedding invitations), we admired Florentina’s “Year” and were treated to champagne and chocolate.

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Truffle Truffle doesn’t have a storefront, but ‘popped up’ for this event to sell some mother’s day goodies.

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Our group then wandered over to the art making demonstration pop-up. Along the way we discussed jewelry making, local art schools, and sources of inspiration.

In the art-making pop-up, Krista August discussed Giants in the Park, her research project about all the statues in Lincoln Park. She has written a guidebook and also provides guided walking and biking tours herself.

This center also offered bead-making, iPhone photography, felting and decorating demonstrations. Outside, 3 bands, such as The West End Duo, traveled along Clark street to spread musical cheer.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

The group dispersed after our fun morning together, so I strolled on my own, and bumped into some painters along the street.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

Then I picked out some chocolate at KC Chocolatier. It was her darkest selection of the day, but that was no reflection on my mood!

The Austrian Bakery was a nice respite from all the walking and chatting.

Their Apple Strudel tea is made of dried fruit, yum!

Diversey and Clark had some fun signs as I made my way to the closing ceremony.

The Dixie Tornadoes played for us as Prosecco flowed and the pizza buffet was perused. Then the announcements were made.

2,000 votes were cast, of which 500 went to Triumphant Spirits #1 ‘Joy’ by Barbara Edwards. She also received the Judges’ choice in the Oils/Pastels/Watercolor category.

The Judges’ Choice Best of Show went to Gettysburgers by Bob Blinn, a transparency on sheet metal (which doesn’t photograph well).


Excellence in Photographic Arts was awarded to Rebecca Plotnick.

Judges’ Choice Sculpture/Woodworking was awarded to Rick Clubb’s bust of Sam Elliott (I didn’t snap a photo due to the glare in the window).

Deborah Hirshfield’s Gut Reaction won the Judges’ Choice Jewelry/Clothing/Wearable Art/Design/Textiles category.

More photos of the Meetup are here.

Artrageous has been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve had so much support throughout this event from all of you, and have become more bold in promoting my work and this show. I would have attended Saturday’s festivities even if my work had not been hung, but truly being part of it has made it all the more fun.

So thank you for your votes, for your encouragement, and for giving me such joy. I cannot wait to see how Maike’s Marvels evolves further.

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