Weaving and weaving

When I got home from Bead & Button we had a lovely afternoon that lent itself to park sitting. This time, instead of bringing a book I took along wire and one of the Druzy stones I had purchased from Elka Designs.  

I was thrilled to have learned a portable technique that I can take with me while also catching the much-needed sunrays.

Without Mary Hettmansperger’s Book I winged the necklace loop for this one.

I am not sure whether to add a steel wire cage to this. It might also get unraveled to practice the technique in a different way on this stone.

You can see from Mary’s class samples how much skill she has in wrapping and looping.

I had started the cabuchon we were gifted in class but ran out of wire, so when I got home I worked on finishing that pendant.

You can find this one at Artem Pop Up Gallery on Sherman Street in Evanston. I love how it catches the light.

A friend had given me a piece of Turquoise to wire wrap, and we both agreed this look was perfect for it. So we went over color options.

Copper won out, and I made the necklace bale.

Then I wove this lovely stone. My friend is thrilled with the result.

Confidence gained, I set off to Dave’s Down To Earth Rock Shop to see what else I could wire wrap.

The Amethyst was begging for the assymmetrical stone technique from Mary’s inspiration sample. I am not sure the necklace loop will hold, and may add a steel cage around this one.

One of the Agate Slivers was next.

Test wearing is a key part to ensuring the pendants hold up.

I am really excited to keep on practicing. I also think some of these pendants warrant a nice necklace like my Aquatic Critters. It’s fun to be inspired!

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