Upcycled Jewelry Commission

At a recent Artem Pup Up Gallery visit one of the sales clerks asked me to turn a bracelet into a necklace for her.

The elastic had worn out, making the bracelet unwearable. I was intrigued by the shapes.

We discussed the length she was envisioning and settled on a choker style. During another visit I measured her neck to make sure I would have the right wire length. Fortunately the holes were large enough for 16 gauge steel, which gave the necklace the heft it needed for the heavy metals.

After inaugurating a wire straightener I strung the pieces onto a collar.

To make it comfortable and wearable I had kept 2 infinities and 3 rounds off. On her it looks more stunning than during my test wear. I set two clasp options for a snugger fit and a looser fit. Collars can get chok-ey sometimes, after all.

I converted the leftovers to earrings.

Now I get to play with another bracelet that she gifted to me, which I am not sure what to do with as the angles don’t lend themselves to a collar necklace as easily.

My house necklace had come undone since some of the jump rings weren’t tight enough, so I made a repair, and finally added matching earrings.

I used Mixed Impression Jasper from Dakota Stones and the square Peg from Now That’s a Jig to create cubicle spirals.

These are my current favorites to wear. While I was in the studio, I also made some new musical pieces, most of which are now at Artem.

It’s fun to be in the studio again. The weather is doing its best to lure me out though!

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