The Salon Fête

“Young women learned the art of conversation in … literary salons,
like those established by the Parisian elite.
Once or twice a week the typical salonnière gave an open house,
inviting authors, philosophers, dandies, and hangers-on,
sometimes for dinner–but always for talk.”

~ Jessica Kerwin Jenkins, Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

Cindy had a lovely turnout for her Salon Show on Saturday. It was wonderful to see so many people in attendance, to mingle with artist friends, and to peruse everyone’s interpretation of a Salon.

Awakening, by Cindy Jevon Hogan

Some focused on the Salonnières.

Portraits of salon attendants and conversation inspirers were also present.


Others created art suitable to hang in a salon, especially near the famous yellow chair PerficalSense couldn’t be without.


My FusedChicago friends were represented as well, with a mixed-media wall dominated by encaustics.

FusedChicago artists at the Salon Show

My miniature boudoir, Les Premier Salonnières, had a lovely spot.


Adam and Eve by Danny Mansmith surveyed the crowd and the art work.

And the Salon dogs tired themselves greeting people.

Cindy will host another evening party at the end of the month, and any work not snapped up before then will be available for sale during her Artful Giving weekend December 1 and 2. PerficalSense Studio and Salon is hosting two classes this weekend, so contact Cindy today (last day to sign up) to learn more.

You can view the ‘virtual tour’ of the Salon Show here.

“A model salonnière kept her guests’ egos in check,
and stopped them from droning on or from losing their tempers.”
~ Jessica Kerwin Jenkins

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