Preparing the Maraviglia upload

This week has been filled inventorying all the Maraviglia creations the wire and I collaborated on. I tried to reproduce a few of my personal favorites, but the wire wouldn’t let me. This one was snapped up already:

I tried to ‘replace’ it, but what’s gone is gone. Each pendant is truly one of a kind.

Current Maike’s Maraviglia inventory 

The experimentation and learning curve of art photography has been interesting. I know I have a ways to go, but don’t want to get stuck on that so I will soon upload the photos that I have, which should give you enough information to make a good buying decision, even if the pictures aren’t ‘gallery quality’.

Turns out the best way to showcase the pieces is on my own neck as opposed to one of the necklace stands, so I had some fun ‘off with her head’ moments as I cropped my face out of the images. I tell you, being a model is hard work, and being the photographer at the same time is exhausting. Those professionals in either profession certainly earn their keep.

Meanwhile, I am also working on some Desktop Minis. This is my line of smaller collages to place on your desk or shelf or even your nightstand.

Desktop Minis by Maike’s Marvels

A lot of people asked me if my purse-size encaustic collage is for sale, so I figured I’d test the market.

 Pocket Piece by Maike’s Marvels

That mini canvas was intended to just show what encaustic medium is and what I do with it; but where there’s a request, I am happy to make a way!

I hope to have everything up on Etsy by late next week, just before I take off on my Thanksgiving Holiday. That should allow you to get started on your Holiday shopping.

I’m happy to take custom requests as well, with the caveat that each piece will be an individual. The joy of making art is not just the expression of oneself, but learning that the medium one works with has a personality of its own, which embeds itself into the creative process, and–particularly with encaustic–guides the outcome of the piece.


Stay tuned for the big Holiday Extravaganza announcement. It is coming soon!

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