The day of love

Believe in love

“Do you believe in love.
Do you believe it true?”
~ Huey Lewis And The News

Believe in love

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there.

Love really should be celebrated every day (not just tomorrow), and the couples who do have the best relationships.

However, the most important love one can have is for oneself. Being a lover of life is a key ingredient to that.

This year, Life is my Valentine. I’m so happy with how it has treated me. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve had to work hard to be where I’m at, but overall, there is nothing I would trade because it all helped me become the person I am today. A Valentine is supposed to bring out the best in you, isn’t it?

Hearts of Wax

If you are spending the day of romance on your own, make it something lovely for you (such as R.O.C.E.). Honor the person you are, and that celebration of yourself will attract other lovely people into your life. Be your own best friend and companion. Solitude can be a wonderful way to fall in love with your soul.

true love by Maike's Marvels

Above all, never give up on love. It can be found in many forms, and doesn’t have to be manifested in a romantic relationship to exist. Sometimes life can be more fulfilling in solitude than with someone. It may take years of waiting, of trial and error, of having crushes crushed and ideals re-evaluated. But I firmly believe that what is in the heart is meant to manifest. Whatever your heart’s desire is, it will be fulfilled in due time.

I DO believe.

Frank:”What about you? Is there someone else?”
Kathleen Kelly: “No. No, but… but there’s the dream of someone else.”
~ Dialogue in You’ve Got Mail

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