I recently attended a FUSEDChicago meeting where Janet Bloch shared tips about proposing exhibits to gallery spaces, writing artists statements and applying for grants. I met the wonderful encaustic artists whose work I had admired and scrutinized before, and was admitted into their circle as a member, yippee!

pink skies by Jenny Learner

Pink Skys and Teardrops for Raoul by Jenny Learner

The meeting was held at Zhou B Art Center, where Jenny Learner, Dawn Korman and Barbette Loevy share a studio space.

Zhou B Art Center entrance 

Jenny Learner’s textural work is so inspiring (I’m keeping tabs on her spring workshops to learn more).

Pink Trees by Jenny Learner

Pink Trees by Jenny Learner 

encaustic detail by Jenny Learner and Dawn Korman

Details of Dawn Korman and Jenny Learner works

A vibrant heart by Dawn Korman.

All Better by Dawn Korman

 All Better by Dawn Korman

The third floor hallway is filled with inspiration.

hallway on 3rd floor of Zhou B Art Center

Installation by Martin Bernstein 

I used to roll my eyes when my mom would ‘drag’ us to galleries when we were kids. Now I still may not always ‘get it’, but I do have a much greater appreciation for the process of art-making, how pieces were constructed, and the message artists are trying to convey.

Zhou B Gallery’s main floor has some intriguing art work.

Blue by Injung Oh Zhoushiz
with Diamond Sale Study and The Rain

This wall is full of small music-box mechanisms that are wired to play a lovely tune. It is mesmerizing.

Movements Installation by Ethan Rose

Movements Installation by Ethan Rose

After the very candid discussion on how difficult making a living in the art world is, I left (armed with Janet’s book) wondering whether to pursue the career of a fine artist and get into galleries, or whether to become licensed like Kelly Rae Roberts and Curly Girl Design. Is it possible to have both?

Strategic Marketing Tools for Visual Artists book by Janet Bloch

I like having money. It feels good to earn money and it feels fabulous to have money. I also know that the pursuit of a six-figure salary cost me chronological time, a social life, and almost robbed me of my (mental and physical) health. Either path (or both) will require hard work, dedication and be filled with steep learning curves for me.

Snow Queen by Jenny Learner

Snow Queen by Jenny Learner
(colors better in real life)

Sassy Aphrodite’s message of being extraordinary means I don’t have to decide on one particular avenue just yet. My life has never conformed to standards, so I should not expect it to do so now.

The future will come when it is here. For now, it is enough to savor the moment, and enjoy the bliss of being in a vibrant creative community full of inspiration, aspiration, and support.

Gardening Angel by Dawn Korman

Gardening Angel by Dawn Korman

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