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Joyful Dining at Symphony’s

Last week the Network of Entrepreneurial Women gathered at Symphony’s for a joyous dinner. Since our group was intimate we skipped the anticipated progressive dinner and conversed about business challenges and joys instead. We brainstormed where to promote ourselves, celebrated one attendee’s milestone of needing to hire, and discussed our goals for the year. It […]

Syncing at Symphony’s

Last week the Network of Entrepreneurial Women enjoyed a delicious meal at Symphony’s Cafe during our progressive networking dinner event. photo courtesy NetworkHoncho, Daisy Chain Dress from Hello Holiday Evanston has so many wonderful dining options that I had not yet tried this restaurant, but I was not disappointed. Their goat cheese appetizer was a […]

Progressive dining at Symphony’s

I’m excited about my dinner out this week. On Thursday the Positively NEW ladies will gather for a Progressive Networking Dinner at Evanston’s Symphony’s Cafe. We’ll have cozy tête-à-têtes while rotating tables between appetizers, entree, and dessert to maximize the networking fun. Symphony’s Cafe, located at 1945 Central Street in Evanston, offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian […]

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