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Judging by the neighborhood, it’s time to swing by the rose garden one of these days.  First I have to wrap another deadline though. Yesterday evening’s walk was nice. The neighborhood Comma decided to seek higher branches to sunbathe on, but Admirals still like the pavement. This one let me snap a few shots. The […]

Admirals Spotting

As I gear up for another Innovation Circle, followed by the Artrageous opening reception, I’ll share some more butterfly sightings with you. I hope to get closer to these lovely admirals when it is warmer and less windy. Leigh Standley wrote a lovely blog about Spring which resonates with me. On Sunday I might take […]

Art submissions

In the spirit of stretching and challenging myself, I’ve submitted some pieces for calls for art. I’m awaiting news on HVNSTN and the Kedzie Admirals for a Civic Center submission. HVNSTN was fun to do. I was inspired by Katsy Johnston’s work to actually paint onto a photograph with encaustic. First I wrote some words […]

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