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Halloweeny pendants at Aurora Rose

I’ve dropped new jewelry off at Aurora Rose Boutique for your perusal. Since owner Kim Peters loves Halloween I got inspired by my stamps… … and made a few spooky wax and wire pendants: Spiderweb, Bat House, and Triple Pumpkins. Princess Zoologist and Helix in the Round (a tribute to Rosalind Franklin) wax and wire […]

New Princess Scientist pendants

I had more inspiration under the brightness of the chilly sun on Friday and created another Princess Scientist inspired batch. Who can resist such a sunny table? Princess Chocolatier emerged from reviewing the molecular structure of Theobromine. I attempted to emulate the loopy notches of a microchip for the Princess Programmer pendant, and was surprised to […]

New Maraviglia on Etsy

I’ve just finished loading my new creations to Etsy. It’s always fun to describe my pieces, and let them go out into the world to make others happy. Some wire wanted to be sculptural, and some were channeling Spring. I enjoy seeing where the wire takes me. It is freeing to have a vision yet also […]