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Memory Makers

I’ve always been a girly girl and enjoyed playing with dolls. I could lose myself for hours making up stories and adventures for them. One year my mom made me a ‘fabric shop’ out of a cutlery drawer insert. When we were clearing out storage items it was recovered, and she shipped it to me. […]

Siepie en Takkie

Recently, a young girl inspired me to incorporate dogs and cats into a pendant. To my surprise, my zoo collection of vintage stamps didn’t have a ‘domesticated’ cat and dog. Instead, Jip en Janneke came to the rescue. This book was a staple in our household, with me being Janneke and my brother as Jip. Jip […]

Radvent: Writing

Radvent Writing by Princess Lasertron

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”  ~William Wordsworth Last weekend I visited Piccolo Theatre’s Holiday Panto (ends tomorrow, December 17). Jessica Puller did a fabulous job writing Space Wars. I thought it would be a Star Wars vs. Star Trek type show, but the geekery was far better than that. This review […]

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