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Square Foot Show and other Arts of Life news

On Friday, the Arts of Life is hosting the opening of its second annual Square Foot Show. Last year’s opening was a bright and uplifting evening, and I look forward to seeing what art has been contributed this year. More than 100 pieces from the Arts of Life and other artists from around the country […]

Radvent 2012 5: Humbling

How often do you truly appreciate your health: the ability to be fully in command of your body, mentally and physically? This spring I came into contact with an organization that has me reflecting on that a lot. The Arts of Life provides studio space for artists who don’t have full control over their bodies, […]

BUGS!!! Exhibit open through September 21

It’s been a very buggy time around here. Once you become aware of something, it is everywhere, and so it is with insects for me. Since getting to know Lauren, entomology has started to creep in on me, and it continues with the BUGS!!! exhibit at the Arts of Life. Mike Caskel From assemblage to collage to […]

North Shore Square Foot Show

Yesterday evening marked the opening of the Arts of Life North Shore’s first Square Foot* show. 70 artists submitted 100 works, including the resident artists and mail-ins from seven states. I submitted to this call for art without having seen the studio (technically a no-no, but hey, I’m a newbie at this). I poked around on the […]

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